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  • What is citizen science?
    In very simplified terms, in citizen science, scientific projects are carried out with the assistance or completely by interested amateurs [lat. amator "lover"]. The Citizen Scientists formulate research questions, report observations, carry out measurements, evaluate data and/or write publications. Compliance…
  • About Österreich forscht
    What is Österreich forscht ( The Citizen Science Network Austria (founded in 2017) with the associated online platform Österreich forscht (launched in 2014) is a network of institutions from the fields of science, research, education and practice. Taking into consideration…
  • Welcome at Österreich forscht!

    Here you can find everything about Citizen Science in Austria. In the future, it should be just as normal to work in a citizen science project as to be a member of an association, e. g. the voluntary fire brigade or a music ensemble. We want people to see science no longer as an elite programme, but as a process that affects all our lives, a process which is an important part of society and is worth understanding. However, the fun and enjoyment of research should not be neglected. We do not understand citizen science as an infotainment concept, but as a collaborative process through which new insights can be gained.

    More about us

Once again we welcome a new project on Österreich forscht. In "Everyday Morality" from the University of Innsbruck you can become a co-researchers for (im)moral behaviour. Find out how this exactly works on the project website.

Everyday Morality

  • politics
  • media
  • culture
  • language
What is this project about? How can good people do bad things? How can people act contraire to their moral believes without having a bad conscience? White lies, rule bending, finding excuses for the own behaviour, which we would judge others for,… To be honest, we have all done stuff…
The calls listed here do not claim to be correct or complete. If you are aware of an open call that is not listed here, or if you discover an incorrect entry, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view…
There is finally a new episode of our podcast Wissen macht Leute (Knowledge Makes People) - this time we present the project "Butterflies of Austria".
“Wissen macht Leute” - the Citizen Science Podcast by Österreich forscht Since March 2022, Österreich forscht has been producing a monthly radio programme for Radio Orange that revolves around the topic of Citizen Science: "Wissen macht Leute" (knowledge makes people). Each episode brings listeners closer to the topic through interviews with scientists, citizen scientists or…

Plastic Pirates

  • water
  • waste
Plastic Pirates - Go Europe! a Citizen Science Initiative to investigate plastic pollution along rivers The pollution of beaches and riverbanks in Europe with plastic waste does not stop at borders. Preventing micro- and macroplastics in the environment, addressing this challenge scientifically and researching sustainable materials are therefore tasks we…


  • food
  • animals
  • land use
Breaking the blame game:  COwLEARNING for sustainable beef and dairy supply  Our society faces grand challenges, such as mitigating climate change and adapting to its consequences, ensuring a healthy diet and maintaining cultural landscapes with high biodiversity. A sustainable agri-food industry addresses these challenges.  In Austria, with its high share…

Pollen Diary

  • plants
  • weather
  • health
The Pollen Diary was already launched as a scientific project in 2009. Meanwhile it has become an important service for pollen allergy sufferers in 13 European countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. The number of users is growing every year, not…

Ragweed Finder

  • plants
  • health
The Ragweed Finder was developed in 2017 by the Austrian Pollen Information Service at MedUni Vienna and has also been available to download as an app for Android and iOS since 2019. The Ragweed Finder consists of four components: Specimen report Ragweed distribution map Information about Ragweed Manual to recognize…
You can now watch the video of Scott Edmunds' talk on Citizen Science in Asia on our YouTube channel.
Be an expert on your disease and join our research! We, the Patient Involvement in Oncology (PATIO) initiative, aim to make the voices of prostate cancer patients and their caregivers heard in medical research. In fact, we know that we currently don’t know enough: patients themselves are the experts that have…
Many weather phenomena as well as their impacts and damage on the ground are reported in real time or immediately after the event by means of weather reports. Within the framework of the Trusted Spotter Network Austria, all reporters can be trained to become particularly trustworthy observers. All weather and…
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