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We at Österreich forscht value good cooperation and enjoy working as a team, as we complement each other well. Here, all our staff members introduce themselves, their interests and hobbies, and describe what they particularly appreciate about Citizen Science and their work at Österreich forscht. We hope you enjoy getting to know our team members.

Daniel Dörler

Founder and coordinator of Österreich forscht


Daniel is a zoologist and already planned to study zoology as a child. He realised his career aspiration and graduated from the University of Vienna in zoology with a focus on evolutionary biology. After a short break in the private sector, he completed his doctorate in ecology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, where he first came into contact with Citizen Science.

At Österreich forscht, he is responsible for updating platform content, (re)designing texts and platform areas, and posts regularly on Facebook. Daniel writes in the blog and organises and coordinates the events of Österreich forscht. He also gives lectures and presentations on citizen science, conducts courses and training sessions on citizen science and is also very well networked internationally in the field of citizen science through his role as head of a European working group on Citizen Science Networks.

What excites me about citizen science .... the opportunity of working together with a group of committed people to discover things that could not be discovered without citizen science. For me, citizen science is a group experience that is fun, sometimes challenging and opens up new perspectives.

What I like about my work is ... the variety. In my role as coordinator of Österreich forscht and researcher at BOKU, I am always at the interface between science and society, and I also have insights into many different research areas and organisations, which allows me to constantly gain new experiences.

I recharge my batteries ... on the one hand through direct (and hopefully positive) feedback during presentations and lectures, and on the other hand through regular time off.

The best balance to work for me is ... sports, free time with friends and travelling.

I find inspiration ... mostly while running, when I also let my thoughts run free and don't think about anything in particular.


Florian Heigl

Founder and coordinator of Österreich forscht


Florian is an agroecologist, specialising in road ecology and citizen science during his PhD at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. During his doctorate, he founded the platform Österreich forscht together with Daniel and has been developing it ever since.

At Österreich forscht, Florian is primarily responsible for strategic development and coordination. He takes care of platform content, writes in the blog and manages the Österreich forscht Twitter account. He also conducts research in the Roadkill project, teaches several courses and training sessions on citizen science at BOKU and leads working groups in the Citizen Science Network Austria.

When Florian is not working on citizen science, he can be found in the Waldviertel with his family, either playing with his children, in the garden or on the water with his kayak.

What excites me about citizen science is ... the combination of scientific theory and practice as well as the exchange with wider society. Through this exchange, I hope that we can solve problems in our environment together and with scientific methods.

What I like about my work is ... the diverse fields of activity and the constant change of perspectives.

I recharge my batteries ... in the garden or on the water.

The best balance to work for me is ... playing with the children and doing sports in nature.

I find inspiration ... in nature.


Alina Hauke

Student assistant


Alina is a geographer with a soft spot for ecology, soils and science communication. Besides her master's degree at BOKU, she produces a monthly radio show on Radio Orange and is also very busy in other ways. Despite her busy schedule, Alina is always up for a walk in nature, good food and pseudo-philosophical conversations.

At Österreich forscht, she makes sure that all content on the website is up to date and meets the criteria for accessibility and gender equality. She also supports Florian and Daniel with other administrative tasks, on social media and on the blog. For the latter, Lisa and Alina have produced three videos together, which you are welcome to watch on our YouTube channel.


What excites me about citizen science is ... the participation of many different people, the open and inclusive approach and the effort to make science more tangible.

What I like about my work is ... the communicative aspect (I write a lot of emails?), my independence and the creative freedom I am given.

I recharge my batteries ... by spending time with people I love, in nature and doing sports.

The best balance to work for me is ... going out, gardening, realising creative projects.


Lisa Recnik

Scientific project assistant


Lisa is a chemist with a passion for science communication. Since October 2019, she has been pursuing this passion in her position as director of the science festival Pint of Science Austria. After completing her PhD in England and postdoctoral stays in France and Vienna, her academic research journey came to an end and Lisa now devotes herself full-time to her passion: knowledge transfer. Both at St. Pölten UAS and at Österreich forscht, she builds new bridges between science and society every day. Even away from work, she is always up for new ideas in science communication, whether it's a pub quiz or a radio show.

Lisa is currently a volunteer at Österreich forscht, mainly in the context of the monthly radio programme "Wissen macht Leute". She also takes care of the blog and is working on a publicity strategy.


What excites me about Citizen Science is ... that people with different experiences are actively involved in the research process and that this makes science something that concerns everyone again.

What I like about my work is ... being able to bring the fascination of science closer to others.

I recharge my batteries ... from conversations with inspiring personalities.

The best balance to work for me is ... going to the mountains, travelling or meeting friends.

I find inspiration ... through exchanges with others or during a quiet moment on my sofa.


Photos: Kenneth Kuba