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Institution: BOKU University
Project lead: Gabriele Weigelhofer
Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33, 1180 Vienna
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What can we do to protect our wetlands and floodplains in Europe? What does the water management need to implement measure for the benefit of both the environment and the human society?

The Horizon Europe project Restore4Life aims at offering an online system that supports the restoration of wetlands in Europe. One important aspect is the development of easily applicable and meaningful methods to assess the state and functionality of wetlands before and after the restoration. This enables us to see whether the measures are sustainable for the future of the wetlands, for the climate and for us. 

Why Citizen Science?

The integrity of wetlands can be assessed via a multitude of factors. Biodiversity indicates the health of the ecosystem, plant biomass shows how much carbon can be stored. In order to assess these data across Europe, we need methods which can be used also by non-experts. Together with Citizen Scientists, we want to develop, adapt, test, and optimize such methods so that we can offer them to other countries willing to implement restoration activities. We especially invite school classes to participate in our project. 

The opportunities for joining the project are manifold: you can determine bird species via their songs, estimate the diameter and height of trees, evaluate orthophotos and satellite images, and many other things.


  • March-Thaya-floodplains near Hohenau
  • Salzach-Floodplains


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