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Institution: Researchunit Aerobiology and Polleninformation - HNO Klinik - Medical University Vienna
Project lead: Uwe Berger
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Pollen Diary

Project description

The Pollen Diary (www.pollentagebuch.at; www.pollendiary.com; Patient's Hayfever Diary) was already launched as a scientific project in 2009. Meanwhile it has become an important service for pollen allergy sufferers in 13 European countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. The number of users is growing every year, not at least because of the projects that were made possible by the Pollen Diary, such as the pollen app, the exposure map and the personalized pollen information.

The user has the possibility to document his own allergic complaints (intensity and symptoms) together with his medication intake. This gives an overview of the pollen allergy and allows the user to compare the symptoms with the measured pollen concentrations on a continuous basis as well as at the end of the season. In addition, it is possible to download an excel file with all entries. There, all data are summarized and additionally correlation calculations of pollen count and symptoms are provided. This is a first step towards the identification of the trigger. And even after the diagnosis, the pollen diary is a valuable support for patient and doctor to follow the success of a therapy, the administration of medication or the course of the pollen allergy.

To make such a service possible in the first place, the Pollen Diary is linked to the European pollen database, and can therefore be used without any problems in all countries where it is already available.

Special attention has been paid to easy handling as well as to compliance with the latest EU directives on data protection (more under the terms of use at www.pollenwarndienst.at).

Since 2013, the pollen diary can also be accessed via the "Pollen" app. If one documents complaints, a personalised pollen forecast is available free of charge, tailored to the personal reaction profile. Via the app, one can also get the stress forecast and other practical helpers for the everyday life of an allergy sufferer, which are offered on the homepage of the Austrian Pollen Warning Service.

Europe-wide pollen information is reached via this portal: www.polleninfo.org

Roles and tasks in the project

Users who report symptoms, exposure and feedback; experts who evaluate the data for multiple users;

  • Project management: Supervision of the project, organisation and communication in the project, further development of the project based on the feedback, support and financing of the platform;
  • Project assistants: Communication with Citizen Scientists, data evaluation;
  • Citizen Scientists: independent entry of complaints in the pollen diary, analysis of own data if desired, transfer to the allergologist if desired, feedback on the pollen diary and the services

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