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Institution: Vetmeduni Vienna
Field office: Hauptstraße 68, 3438 Seebarn am Wagram Vetmeduni Vienna: Savoyenstraße 1a: 1160 Wien
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StadtWildTiere Vienna ("UrbanWildAnimals")

Have you ever seen a sparrow hawk in Vienna? Did a badger cross your path on your way home at night? Or do you have swallow nests at your housing complex? We are interested in your observations in Austrian cities!

Understanding the city as a habitat worth living in for humans and animals and creating a good coexistence - this is what we would like to enable with the establishment of the project "StadtWildTiere" and the internet platform "". The project works purposefully in the urban area. With the help of Austrian city dwellers, we want to gain an overview of the distribution and way of life of birds and mammals in urban areas. On the other hand, we provide information about our animal co-inhabitants.

Where pathways cross…

On the internet platform "" observations can be reported whereas other observations can be viewed. You can inform yourself about current sightings in your region and catch up further information on the biology of the species and its distribution in Austrian cities, as well as call up for advice in cases of conflict and when finding helpless or injured wild animals. If you register, you can also upload photos of your observations, get an overview of your reports and subscribe to our newsletter.

Research platform

We hope for a broad data basis based on the sighting reports in order to be able to better assess the distribution of various birds and other wild animals in Austria's cities. This helps to be able to provide adequate management proposals in cases of conflict or damage. The platform is unique in Austria: specialized in the occurrence of birds and wildlife in urban settlements and linked to scientific research.


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