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Institution: BirdLife Austria
Project lead: Norbert Teufelbauer
Museumsplatz 1/10/8, A-1070 Wien
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Important groundwork for bird protection

The association BirdLife Austria has been researching and protecting the native avifauna for over 50 years. Citizen science has always been an essential basis of this work, as BirdLife's expertise is based on decades of collecting bird records. In the past, observations were recorded on paper slips, today is a modern and simple way to report bird observations.

Many functionalities

With the platform you can not only report observations of bird species, but also add photos or sound recordings of birds. Interested users can search the archive for photos, see current records of interesting bird species, get information about seasonal occurrence, see working maps of the Austrian breeding bird atlas, manage all their own reports and much more. In addition, the observers can also be sure that their observations serve a good cause – namely the protection of the native bird world.

If you would like to record observations on the go, you can use the specially developed NaturaList app, which offers many smart functions.

Join in

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