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Open Reassembly

Many archaeological artifacts today are only preserved in fragments. Reassembling these parts into their original form is therefore an important but challenging task for archaeology. 

Computer-assisted methods can facilitate this task or even partially solve it in some cases. However, due to the usually poor preservation of these artifacts and their potential incompleteness, reliable fully automatic reassembly is rarely possible in practice.

The goal of the Open Reassembly project is to design the solution to such complex tasks as a collaborative process involving many participants and in optimal interplay with computer-assisted methods. 

Therefore, we invite Citizen Scientists to be part of this process and work together with other hobby archaeologists to solve these challenging puzzles. On this platform, puzzle experts can virtually reassemble the fragments of an ancient artifact together, evaluate the adjustments made by other participants, and thus earn points for good adjustments.

On their first visit, new users can create a new username in the "New Users" menu and start the puzzle. The system randomly assigns new users to one of several virtual puzzle rooms. Under "Existing Users," they can later continue where they left off.

Further information about the artifact, its archaeological background, and helpful tips for reassembly can be found under the "Artifact Details" menu.





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