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Institution: University College for Agrarian and environmental pedagogy
Project lead: Martin Scheuch
Angermayergasse 1, 1130 Wien
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Kremser scorpion

Participatory exploration of the "Kremser scorpion” (Euscorpius tergestinus) with school students

"Triestino scorpion" (Euscorpius tergestinus - still listed as E. carpathicus in the Red List of NÖ), which are threatened with extinction in Lower Austria, exists as an archaeozoon in Krems. This population is an isolated north-eastern outpost of the distribution area. Currently, there are no reliable data for science and nature conservation about this population and its range. Together with upper secondary students of the BRG Krems Ringstraße 33, a UNESCO school, sightings of these animals are currently being collected with the help of the local community. The media echo is enormous (local newspapers and radio reports), and currently more than 70 sightings have been received, which will be followed up in the spring 2019 by mapping. Even a living specimen was recently delivered to the school! The questions the students ask the local community not only lead to reports of finds, but also to many stories about encounters with the animals. Through the participatory approach, not only distribution data is collected, but also people´s attitudes towards this animal can be sketched.

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