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Project lead: Ursula Griebler
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Giving a voice to children and adolescents: Co-research with children and adolescents in developing a model of health literacy


Health literacy is crucial for promoting health and well-being It encompasses finding, understanding, evaluating, and applying health information and services to make informed decisions for maintaining or improving health and quality of life. This competency is important at every stage of life, including in childhood and adolescence. However, existing models of health literacy in childhood and adolescence are merely based on adult-oriented concepts and neglect the understanding and perspectives of children and adolescents as experts in their own lives.

The Project 'KoKo-Health'

The project 'KoKo-Health' is conducted by the University for Continuing Education Krems, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, and the Technical University of Munich. 'KoKo-Health' aims to develop a model of health literacy from the perspective of children and adolescents. To achieve this, we intend to involve children and adolescents as co-researchers in the research process, building upon existing literature to ensure that their perspectives are well represented in the model. Together with children and adolescents aged 10 to 19, we aim to explore how children and adolescents stay healthy, make health-related decisions, and understand health. In this project, we mainly focus on how the collaborative research activity strengthens the competencies of the young co-researchers. Additionally, we will support them in their ability to act as co-researchers. Their active involvement should in turn promote their health literacy. 

In addition to the participating children and adolescents who act as co-researchers, a youth advisory board is also part of the project. With the youth advisory board, we want to discuss questions regarding the implementation of the project and seek advice from young people who are experts in their own life-world regarding the optimal implementation of the project. The co-research will start in May 2024.

Opportunities to participate

We are currently looking for the following participants:

  • Children and adolescents aged 10-19 who would like to research together with us on the topic of health (registration here)

As a token of appreciation for your commitment and time, we offer a small compensation!

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