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Frog in a drop of water

State-of-the-art DNA technology and citizen science - "Frog in a drop of water" unleashes new prospects for amphibian research

For the first time in Austria, amphibian screening using the detection of their DNA traces in water is being carried out - and everyone can take part. Amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders and newts) are strictly protected in Austria. Nevertheless, populations are declining continuously and, in some cases, dramatically, which is mainly due to habitat loss. 

Ichthyosaura alpestris Berg Alpenmolch RudiHofer

Natural, private garden ponds can play an important role. They act as important possible retreats, but are usually not accessible to the public. In addition, there are often small and amphibian-rich waters that are only known to those familiar with the area. Do you have a garden pond - do you know a promising water nearby? This is where Citizen Scientists come into play. With their efforts, they make a valuable contribution to species records and data on the distribution of the amphibian fungus Bd, short for Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis


Apply online and receive a sampling kit from the University of Innsbruck. Taking the sample is easy: the water is filtered to retrieve the precious DNA traces left behind by living organisms in the water. The filter then holds all the information regarding the species diversity in the pond, as well as the occurrence of Bd. The filter is sent to the University of Innsbruck, analyzed in the high-tech laboratory and analyzed bioinformatically. Sampling will take place throughout Austria in spring 2024. Find out which amphibians live in your sampled pond and apply now. The results will be published in fall. The application is open from February 2024 until end of March - join the detective work for amphibian conservation! 

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