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Birdlife Austria

BirdLife Österreich is the only nationally and internationally active bird conservation organisation in Austria. Since its foundation in 1953, BirdLife has been implementing scientifically sound nature and bird conservation projects to protect Austria's birdlife and its habitats. BirdLife is involved in four core areas:

  • Species conservation
  • Protected areas and habitats
  • Sustainability
  • Awareness raising

With BirdLife Austria, one of the first citizen science actors in Austria is also part of the Citizen Science Network Austria. Not only in Austria, but worldwide the so-called "Birder Community" is a prime example of successful citizen science. On Österreich forscht you can find numerous projects of BirdLife:, the waterbird census, the breeding bird monitoring, the breeding bird atlas and probably the best known, an hour of winter birds. We are therefore all the more pleased that BirdLife Austria is part of the network and that we can all benefit from the rich experience in involving citizens in scientific research.

For BirdLife Österreich
President, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Firbas and CEO, Dr. Gábor Wichmann

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