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Institution: Core Facility KLF for Behavior and Cognition - University of Vienna
Project lead: Didone Frigerio
Fischerau 11, 4645 Grünau im Almtal
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Forschen im Almtal (Research in the Almtal)

Visitors of the Cumberland game park in Grünau im Amtal (Upper Austria) are warmly invited to use an app to enter sightings and behavioural observations of greylag geese, common ravens and northern bald ibises and thus support current research projects and the long-term monitoring of the Konrad Lorenz Research Center (KLF).

Since its foundation in 1973, the KLF (nowadays a core facility of the University of Vienna) has been dedicated to research on the social systems of free-flying birds. Especially three bird species are used as models: greylag goose, raven and northern bald ibis. As some aviaries of the KLF are located in the game park (e.g. free flight aviary of the northern bald ibises), the two institution share a close cooperation.

What is it all about?

The aim of this project is to monitor the spatio-temporal patterns of three model bird species (greylag goose, common raven, northern bald ibis). We want to find out, when and where which animals can be found. Do they have preferences for certain places within the game park or do they prefer the company of conspecifics? The free-flying birds of the KLF are individually marked (leg rings, wing tags), which makes it possible for Citizen Scientists to recognize the birds individually. 

Who can participate in the research?

Everyone who owns a smartphone and downloads the app "Forschen im Almtal". 

How can you participate?

To participate, you need to download the app "Forschen im Almtal" to a mobile device and log in/register. If you are on your way through the game park in Grünau im Almtal and see one of the three bird species (greylag goose, northern bald ibis, raven) you create a spot. If you have any questions about the exact procedure of data entry, please download the app manual or contact us. 

For school classes and groups of 7 people or more, there is the possibility for a workshop and accompaniment during data recording, more information and registration at: https://naturschauspiel.at/naturschauspiele-startseite/flattern-und-schnattern-im-almtal---buerger-schaffen-wissen-188984.

Download the app and join in!

The apps for the project “Forschen im Almtal”, which run on the Citizen Science App System SPOTTERON, is available free of charge for Android and IOS


Project on the website of Uni Vienna

Proceedings of the Citizen Science Conference 2019


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