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Practical Robotics Institute Austria

The Practical Robotics Institute Austria, PRIA for short, serves to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers through robotics and ICT, as well as application-oriented research in current topics in robotics, automation and ICT. With regard to pedagogy and education, PRIA works to increase the interest of children and young people in research, technology and innovation. This is achieved, for example, by involving schoolchildren in complex projects and problem-solving processes. Within this framework, PRIA develops new learning models that encourage learning and experimentation on the one hand, and on the other hand, encourage pupils to implement their own ideas. In the area of industrial research, PRIA focuses on the development of innovative control architectures for robotics and automation as well as the implementation of flexible industrial processes.


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For Practical Robotics Institute Austria:
Deputy chairman Wilfried Lepuschitz