Global Underwater Explorers

The Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) was founded 25 years ago by a small group of research-minded students in Florida. Their initial goal was to explore the unexplored caves of the region. But what emerged from their endeavours went far beyond pure exploration.

Driven by the diversity of skills in their team, the founders recognised the need for a standardised approach. Thus, the concept of "Doing It Right" (DIR) was born. At its core, DIR advocates uniformity in equipment and skills for both research divers and support staff, setting a global benchmark for excellence.

Today, GUE – and so GUE Austria too – stands as a beacon within the global diving community and is involved in a variety of projects spanning cave exploration, wreck diving and environmental protection. Our team operates at the highest level of diving and is capable of conducting dives to depths of over 100 metres. Our unwavering commitment to safety and teamwork is always paramount.