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University of Graz

With almost 32,000 students, the University of Graz is the largest university in Styria and the second oldest university in Austria, as it was founded in 1585. With six faculties, the University of Graz is very broadly structured and deals, for example, with issues in the field of Catholic theology, as well as in the natural sciences and the social and economic sciences. Last but not least, the University of Graz is proud of the 8 Nobel Prize winners who are associated with the university.

Citizen Science has a long tradition in Graz, especially in beekeeping. For example, in the already completed project C.S.I. Pollen, the diversity of pollen collected by bees was determined together with beekeepers and scientists from the University of Graz, which could be directly related to the health of bee colonies.

For the Karl-Franzens Universität Graz:
Vice Rector for Research and Promotion of Young Researchers, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Scherrer

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