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Naturschutzbund Österreich

The Naturschutzbund has a long tradition of cooperation between science and nature conservation. For more than 100 years its members (including many scientists) have been working together to promote nature conservation in Austria. Due to the many different skills and the great shared expertise of its members, it is possible to work for nature conservation and at the same time collect valuable data on biodiversity.

In 2006, was created, the largest online reporting platform for biodiversity data to date, which is open to the public and can be used for reporting.

Extract from the project website:

"Here you can not only report species, you can also find information in species profiles, view distribution maps of special animal and plant species, present the most beautiful nature pictures in the forum or ask more than 30 experts to help you identify them.

Meanwhile has almost 5,000 registered users, who so far have reported more than 260,000 findings, more than 120,000 photos and 80,000 forum contributions in the discussion forum. The incoming data is used on an ongoing basis, it flows into scientific studies and publications, into nature conservation and in the public relations work of the Naturschutzbund and represents an important basis for conservation projects throughout the country.
It is astonishing that works like a "Biologikum": citizen scientists "trained" by experts help "new visitors" to identify species themselves after only a few years. This is also the purpose of Austria's oldest "Citizen Science nature data collection platform": to raise the level of species knowledge in the population and to sensitize them to the needs of endangered species and our nature".
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