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Natural History Museum Vienna

The Natural History Museum in Vienna houses world-famous and unique exhibits, such as the 29,500-year-old Venus of Willendorf, the Stellers manatee, which became extinct over 200 years ago, or huge dinosaur skeletons. Furthermore, the world's largest and oldest meteorite display collection with the spectacular new addition, the Mars meteorite "Tissint", the permanent anthropological exhibition on the origin and development of mankind and the new prehistoric display rooms with the Venus and Gold Cabinets are among the highlights of a tour through 39 display rooms.

The history of the Natural History Museum Vienna is marked by the collecting passion of important monarchs, the unbending spirit of research of famous scientists and the adventurous spirit of exploring travellers. Following the dedication of the Natural History Museum, the scientists of the NHM Vienna have always been unreservedly committed to "the kingdom of nature and its exploration". While in the 19th century it was above all the great research expeditions of the Austrian imperial family that penetrated deep into foreign continents, today it is the modern methods of DNA analysis and meteorite research that allow us to enter unknown worlds and reach the limits of our cosmos.

Especially at the Natural History Museum Vienna there are countless possibilities to make a significant contribution to many research and collection activities - something many interested people have already done in recent years. Citizen science is currently experiencing a considerable upswing - especially due to the digital revolution of recent years. Whether collecting snails, observing falcons or working on the museum's collections - everyone interested has the opportunity to support the work of scientists and thus create new knowledge.

We are very pleased to welcome the Natural History Museum Vienna, one of the most important research and museum locations in Austria, as a partner in the Citizen Science Network Austria.

For the Natural History Museum Vienna (NHM):
General director Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Köberl and deputy director HR Dr. Herbert Kritscher