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Central European University

Central European University, based in Vienna, brings together students and faculty from more than 100 countries in a close-knit community that promotes dialog and collaboration across borders, cultures and disciplines. Accredited in Austria and the USA, the private university is internationally recognized for its academic excellence and is currently ranked in the top 50 in the world in two fields of study. A deeply interdisciplinary approach permeates all aspects of learning and research, with a focus on real-life research questions.

Founded in 1991, the private university moved from Budapest to Vienna in 2019 and, in addition to its mission to promote an open society, is characterized by high standards in research and teaching.

The CEU Science for Society Hub collects ideas, requests and research questions from civil society organizations, communities, cultural institutions and schools and addresses them in courses, internships, theses and/or research projects. The programme is based on CEU’s many years of experience in running practice- and policy-oriented study programmes and courses in collaboration with external organizations. CEU is committed to open science and actively works in partnerships with social and human rights organizations, environmental institutions, schools, public authorities and international organizations in Vienna and beyond.


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