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bee produced GmbH launches the first digital B2B marketplace for local electronics production including a white label solution for use in the websites of electronics producers. The new marketplace helps companies to easily and quickly find suitable electronics producers in their vicinity and to coordinate their needs with them in detail using the structured ordering process and the integrated collaboration tool. This significantly simplifies the data exchange between the clients and the producers due to the high degree of systematisation and automation. bee produced GmbH focuses on deep tech solutions for electronics production, but also takes responsibility for relevant social issues such as fairness, education and recycling. In this context, the company participates in various projects that address these topics.

One of these is the “Recycling Heroes” project, which aims to raise awareness about e-waste, especially among schoolchildren, but also in society in general. The project combines the principles of circular economy with citizen science methods. On the one hand, the students work as citizen scientists on quantifying household e-waste and designing specific strategies to promote recycling. On the other hand, other students are involved in the development of electronic products that can be used in other current citizen science projects. For example, these products can collect data on temperature, air quality and noise pollution and make them available on the internet as open data. All students participating in the project can act as citizen scientists and identify challenges and potentials for waste minimization, as well as design and implement appropriate solutions.