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Schweiz forscht

With Schweiz forscht, which is run by the Science et cité foundation, we have found another competent and reliable partner from Switzerland. Schweiz forscht is the Swiss counterpart to Österreich forscht and lists citizen science projects from Switzerland and provides general information on citizen science. Schweiz forscht is in charge of the Citizen Science Network Switzerland, the website, is the contact point for various interested parties (media, universities, citizen scientists, etc.) and conducts international monitoring in the field of Citizen Science.

In the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Citizen Science Network Austria, it is stated that there will be mutual support and cooperation in national and international activities in the field of citizen science, that there will be close cooperation, especially in the area of the two online platforms, and that there will be joint coordination of citizen science activities in German-speaking countries.

For Schweiz forscht and the Science et Cité Foundation,
Deputy Managing Director and Head of Citizen Science, Tiina Stämpfli, lic.phil.


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