With SPOTTERON we would like to introduce a supporter of the Citizen Science Network Austria, without whom Österreich forscht would not exist in its present form.

At the end of 2014, when Österreich forscht was still a self-built website, the founder of SPOTTERON became aware of it. He understood our approach and wanted to support it. He helped us to bring the Österreich forscht platform into its current form and to relaunch the website for the first Austrian citizen science conference in 2015. Since then, SPOTTERON has grown enormously: it offers apps and websites for citizen science projects, and some of the projects on Österreich forscht and internationally are already running on this system.

SPOTTERON also designed and programmed the conference website for ECSA  and the Swiss Citizen Science Platform Schweiz forscht. In addition, there are videos on individual projects and on citizen science in general. The clips for our Citizen Science Pub Quizes were also produced by SPOTTERON, for example. You can find more information on the company website.

We are very pleased to have won SPOTTERON as an important supporter and look forward to continuing our good, future cooperation!