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Archaeopublica, the association for the promotion of citizen participation in archaeology, sees itself as a mediator between the interested public and the archaeological professional community. Voluntary lay researchers support archaeologists in the discovery, research and preservation of archaeological monuments. Archaeologists, for their part, support lay researchers in pursuing their interests in a meaningful and legal manner. The public interest in archaeology and monument preservation is defined in national laws and international treaties. Museums, heritage agencies, universities and excavation companies take care of the research and preservation of our archaeological heritage on behalf of the community. However, active engagement with the past is not only reserved for professional archaeologists and historians. In a survey of 500 randomly selected people in Austria in 2018, almost two thirds of those questioned said that they would like to actively participate in archaeology.

For this reason, the Archaeopublica Association has joined the Citizen Science Network Austria and we are very pleased to have a competent and reliable partner in the field of archaeology.

For ArchaeoPublica – Verein zur Förderung der Bürgerbeteiligung an Archäologie:
President assoc. Prof. Dr. Gerald Grabherr

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