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In its zoological and ecological studies, the Private Institute for Wildlife Biology Apodemus is engaged in basic research (e.g. habitat use, community and population ecology) and in topics of nature and species conservation. The Apodemus team designs specialized planning and development concepts and carries out population surveys and progress assessments. The evaluation methods include zoological skills such as preparation, the creation of statistical models as well as GIS-based spatial analysis and habitat modelling. In addition to the research activities, Apodemus also focuses on environmental education. The team writes scientific publications and articles, designs information material, and offers lectures and natural history excursions to arouse interest and sympathy for wildlife.

Apodemus was represented at Österreich forscht very early on and we are very pleased to have the Apodemus team as a competent and reliable partner in our network.

For apodemus – Private Institute for Wildlife Biology OG:
CEO, Dr. Christine Blatt

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